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 Rule for Dueling - READ FIRST

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Rule for Dueling - READ FIRST Empty
PostSubject: Rule for Dueling - READ FIRST   Rule for Dueling - READ FIRST I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 02 2013, 03:07

The rules for fighting in the Dueling Grounds are as follows:

1. The Dueling Grounds threads are completely unconnected to the story-line of the forum. Nothing that occurs here has any bearing on the role-playing carried out in the story proper.

2. Pending characters are allowed to participate. However, spamming current members to hold a duel will not be tolerated.

3. Any character may send any character a request to duel in the form of a private message. It is up to the one challenged to decide if they will accept the invitation.

4. All requests (private messages) must be copied to the Administrator as well (admin account).

5. You may participate in more than one duel at a time. However, if you stop posting on one duel to concentrate on another for an extended period of time (1 week), your opponent may end the duel and declare themselves the winner.

6. If your opponent agrees, you may post actions for them, such as your punch hitting their jaw.

7. Respect the level of your character and respect the level of your opponent. If you choose to fight someone of a much higher level than yourself, you will take substantially more damage than them.

8. If your opponent is of a level much higher than you, it may be agreed between the two parties to lower the level of the higher ranking character to create a more fair and interesting fight. Similarly, if a non-Force user would like to duel a Jedi or Sith, it may be agreed upon that the Force user will not wield their Power.

9. If a disagreement arises between the two dueling parties as to the outcome of a fight or action, the Administrator shall have the final word as to the outcome.

10. If it is observed that any character is consistently fighting opponents of a lower level than themselves specifically for the benefit of beating them, the character shall receive one warning that such behavior is unacceptable. Should the behavior continue, the character will be banned from the dueling grounds.

11. Read your opponent's profile before beginning to duel with them. Be aware of their abilities and respect them.

12. NO Godmodding.

13. The naming of the dueling threads shall be as follows:

Challenger v. Opponent (Status)

The status of the duel shall be either "In Progress", or "Complete". If the duel is complete, the name of the winner will be included after. If the admin has to decide the outcome of the duel, "Admin" shall go in the place of the winner's name.

Example: Sutt Ramic v. Torrhen Skirata (In Progress)
Ilinca Nelu v. Tizsou (Complete - Tizsou)

14. The first post(s) in any duel thread must contain the following:

-The weapons being used by both characters
-The armor donned by both characters
-Any special situations (lowered level, Force user fighting without the Force)
-The location of the duel, a clear description of the fighting area
-If the location is outdoors, the weather and time of day

15. The Dueling Ground match can be used for the Role Play sample on your character sheet.

16. Most of all, have fun! This is not meant to be overly serious. Enjoy exploring all aspects of your character through the fight. Conversation and taunting during the duels is encouraged.

17. If this thread doesn't answer any of your questions or you find one of the rules confusing, private message the Admin for an explanation.
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Rule for Dueling - READ FIRST
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