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This is the current alternate timeline for the forum. Please read this before writing up your characters biography.

4,147 BBY - Urias Ganavin is born on the planet Velity.

4,004 BBY - Solan Kedron is born on a backwater, uncivilized planet.

4,000 BBY - Atlan Veir is born on the planet Morellia.

4,000-3,996 BBY - The Great Sith War between Exar Kun's forces and the combined forces of the Republic and the Jedi Order.

3,994 BBY - A woman on an Outer Rim planet gives birth to a stillborn child. (Revan's "birth")

3,963 BBY - Start of the Mandalorian Wars. The Jedi Order refuses to involve themselves, and the Republic suffers a terrible onslaught at the hands of the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders.

3,963-3,960 BBY - The Mandalorians advance, slowly driving the Republic back. Atlan Veir, a Captain at the war's beginning, begins to distinguish himself in various battles against the Mandalorians, suffering only one defeat during this time at the hands of Cassus Fett.

3,963 BBY - The Battle of Serroco. The Mandalorian fleet under Mandalore the Ultimate devastates Serroco, turning most of the planet's population centers into glassy craters. Rear Admiral Saul Karath, the commanding officer in charge of the Republic battle group, is killed when the command bridge of the Courageous is destroyed. Atlan Veir served in the battle as captain of the Bastion, a Hammerhead-class frigate. He successfully took the initiative and organized the retreat of his flotilla, earning him recognition and a promotion to the rank of Commodore.

3,963 BBY - The Second Battle of Iridonia between a Mandalorian fleet under Hervos Ordo and a the Republic Ninth Fleet under Admiral Terek Calain. One of the Republic's only victories in the early war, though it came at a cost. Admiral Terek Calain's flagship, the Core's Pride, was destroyed during the battle. During the battle, Atlan Veir again distinguished himself when he took command of the fleet following the destruction of Calain's flagship and pulled together the Republic battle line, driving the Mandalorians from the system. This action gained him another promotion to the rank of Rear Admiral, and command over the Ninth Fleet.

3,962 - Operation: Mandalorian Triumph. The Mandalorians launch a two-pronged invasion towards Duros. One prong is halted at Randon by Admiral Veir's Ninth Fleet, but the other succeeded in advancing all the way to Duro, smashing through the Republic military. The Ninth Fleet arrived in time to contest Duro with the Mandalorians, but he was soundly defeated by Cassus Fett, and was forced to retreat.

3,962 BBY - The Sith Empire, hidden until now in the forgotten stars of the old Sith Empire, launches a surprise assault on the worlds near their space. They are led by a mysterious figure known as the Sith Emperor. Their military strength is rather weak due to their low manpower pool, but their opportune timing guarantees that nobody can truly oppose them. They manage to reclaim Korriban, as well as many other former Sith colonies.

3,962 BBY - Dissent within the Republic: After the many defeats at Neo-Crusader hands, many Republic worlds begin to experience rioting and destabilization. These are quickly suppressed or broken up, with Atlan Veir's victories helping to quell the fire of rebellion.

3,961 BBY - The former citizens of the Republic on the planet Taris start a large-scale rebellion, irritated by the martial law established by the Neo-Crusaders. This rebellion was surprisingly problematic to the Mandalorian occupants of the planet. Led by the valiant Josau Heltam; they struck at various supply caravans, supply depots, and small groups of soldiers, utilizing guerilla tactics to terrorize the occupying army. This lasted two months before the Mandalorians brought the hammer down, massacring the rebels in the streets of Taris. Very few rebels survived, with Heltam himself dying in battle.

3,961 - Admiral Halston Yurso is promoted to the rank of High Admiral, and is placed in charge of the strategic defense of the Core Worlds. He succeeds in slowing the Mandalorian advance, but fails to stop them. Atlan Veir, in command of the Ninth Fleet, succeeds in defending Alderaan and Kuat. This helps to rebuild his reputation after the defeat at Duro.

3,960 BBY - The Battle of Corellia. A large Mandalorian fleet under Mandalore the Ultimate attacks Corellia, but is halted and heavily damaged by Admiral Veir with the help of CorSec. After much deliberation, the Senate confers upon him the title of Grand Marshal, and agrees to grant him full control of the Republic's resources for the duration of the war. He is given emergency powers as a military leader, and begins to pull together smashed and broken Republic military.

3,960 BBY - The Sith Emperor is assassinated on Dromund Kaas by the majority of his Councilors. The Sith Councilors are, in turn, killed over the next few days during the violent aftermath of the Emperor's death. Within a month, the power vacuum is filled by <insert Cornelia's Sith Lady here>. She then promptly sues for peace with the Republic, which the Republic agrees to (both because of their current struggle with the Mandalorians, as well as the low strategic importance of the taken worlds).

3,959 BBY - The Republic launches a powerful counter-offensive under the guidance of Atlan Veir and the Republic General Staff. The Republic Navy swiftly pushes the Mandalorians out of the Core Worlds, crushing them at the Battle of Fondor and the Second Battle of Duro. The Inner Rim is swiftly retaken with the exception of Onderon and Dxun, which he chooses to blockade before continuing his lightning offensive into the Mid Rim.

3,958 BBY - The Mid-Rim is recaptured, but only after a severely heavy loss of several thousand republic lives. The Jedi Order is finally forced to enter the war after it's prolonged hesitance to become involved; numerous Jedi Knights and Masters lead by Aran Cuthilion, are sent to augment the Republic military as it invades the Outer Rim.

3,957 BBY - Dxun and Onderon finally fall to the now severely weakened Republic forces. The Mandalorian commander on Dxun, Canderous Ordo, is killed in the process during a Republic orbital strike.
The Republic fleet under Atlan Veir engages the Mandalorian fleet under Mandalore the Ultimate and Cassus Fett at the Battle of Ord Mantrell. Mandalore the Ultimate leads the ground troops, while Field Marshal Fett leads the fleets against Veir. It results in a decisive victory for the Republic forces, with Mandalore the Ultimate and Field Marshal Fett both dying in battle. Mandalore was reputedly struck down by Jedi Master Aestriel Dacius, a famed master warrior of the Jedi Order.
This victory is followed by the Treaty of Taris a few weeks later, bringing an end to the Mandalorian Wars.

3,957 BBY - Atlan Veir gives up his emergency powers after a victory speech to the senate, but is asked to remain as Supreme Commander of the Republic military during the Reconstruction period.

3,957-3,946 BBY - The Republic enters into a Reconstruction period, where it begins focusing on rebuilding worlds devastated by the Mandalorian Wars. Under Atlan Veir's guidance, the Republic military is extensively reformed. He is also helpful in giving his influence to numerous administrative reforms, helping to strengthen the Republic economy.

The Jedi are hailed as heroes for their involvement in the Mandalorian Wars, though some disrespect them for their greatly-delayed entry. During the Reconstruction period, the Jedi Order busies itself with peacekeeping operations.

This is the current timeline as we have it set so far.

In current time right now the Sith Empire and the Republic are fighting an espionage war/Cold War No open fighting except for proxy wars and minor skirmishes between their respective intelligence organizations. The Mandalorians are recuperating their strength after the Mando wars but are thus far in good condition.
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Galactic Timeline
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