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 Rules to Live By

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PostSubject: Rules to Live By   Rules to Live By I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 21 2012, 17:36

There’s a lot of long time role players on this forum who are used to doing things a certain way. Thus it can be a bit confusing for someone new to either this forum or roleplaying in general. The following is meant to give new individuals a little idea of the unspoken and spoken rules.

1) Respect your fellow role players as well as the Admins.

2) Avoid power playing as much as possible, i.e. your character will take damage at some point, your character doesn't know everything, and there is a limit to what your character can do in one post. All moderators will be on watch for this.

3) No insulting OOC. If characters have an argument and want to insult each other that’s fine, but leave it IC.

4) Don’t post things that may outright offend others. Any racisim (not towards different species in the galaxy but actual human races), sexism, or insults of a person’s style of living will not be tolerated. There is a no tolerance policy for this. The result is a permanent ban.

5) Yes this is science fiction, but physics, geometry and common sense still exist.

6) Do not state the actions of another person’s character without their permission.This means that your Jedi can’t…

*Force pushes the nameless Sith at a large stone. The Sith slams into the stone breaking many of his bones.*

The Sith could cancel out the Force Push, rotate and spring off the rock, Force Push the rock out of the way, or smack flat into it, but that’s their character’s decision, not yours. However, in some cases effect is needed. Thus a Sith Lord who’s upset with a student may…

*Lifts the student up with the Force and slams him hard into the wall, sending cracks spidering out across the stone.*

This is acceptable simply because of the added effect and coherency of the post. Of course you may work contrary to this rule, but only with the permission of the person you’re interacting with.

7) If your character is in an inescapable situation, he/she will be dead.

8.) Gary Stu's, Mary Sue's, and general 'flawless' characters will be disapproved.  

9) Follow the commands of your faction leaders. If you make a Republic pilot, he will follow the commands of his superiors, not just run off to Nar Shaddaa and hit on some Bothan dancing girl. (Rebelling against your superiors is allowed, however it must be worked out with your faction leader.)

10) This is Star Wars, so avoid crossing genres. Throwing out a one liner from one of the Alien movies is one thing, but don’t bring in or base a character entirely from another genre or series.

11) All characters MUST be approved by an Admin before you can play them. On that same note DO NOT post with an unapproved character, except in the Out of Character section. If you do so your posts will be deleted and continue to be deleted until your character is approved. Which will only take longer to do because we’ll be deleting your posts.

12) If you wish to make an OC group, you need four active members (not including yourself). PM the administration with the details of your group, and they will decide whether or not to include it.

13) You can not have more than one profile on one account. It simply makes things too confusing. Also avoid having umpteen billion NPCs.

14) If you are entering or leaving a topic in Role Play, please note where you have come from or where you are going. This allows others to know that you didn't simply appear from nowhere.

This is a private RP in which anyone can join. However, this does not mean you have free reign to do as you please once you're in. You can still be banned from the forum. If anyone is badgering you and simply won’t leave you alone, then message an admin and we’ll address the situation accordingly. Also, depending on the situation, a person will be permanently or temporarily banned. There is, however, a limit to how many 'warnings' a person will have before being permanently banned.We ban based on characters, IP addresses, and usernames, so think before you act.
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Rules to Live By
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